Creating a homepage using a pre-built page

1. Login to your website wp admin dashboard eg:

2. Click on ‘Pages’ in the menu at the left-hand side

3. Once in Pages window, on the textbox field at right-hand side of your screen, type the word "Home" and click the ‘Search Pages’ button.

4. You will see the "home" page appear in the list. Under the "home" page right-click ‘Edit with Elementor’ and open in new tab

5. On the Page window, once you click ‘Add New’ button at the top left-hand side of the page, this will create and open up a new page window.

6. On the new page, click in the ‘Add title’ text field and type "Home V2" or the "Title of page" you wish to call it

7. Then at the top-right hand side of your screen click ‘Publish’ button

8. Now to start creating and editing your new home page, at the top of your screen click ‘Edit with Elementor’ button

9. Next you need to repeat steps 1 to 4 to navigate and open in a new tab that is already existing GreyboxPro pre-built "home" page. This mean you have both your new "home V2" page and the existing "home" page open

10. In the existing GreyboxPro "home" page, place the cursor or mouse at the top most center part of the page, ‘edit header’ will appear and click on it, grid icon will appear with ‘edit section’ caption and click on it

11. On the grid icon, hit right-click and it will show a drop-down menu from the Elementor editor which you can copy, paste, duplicate etc., For now click ‘Copy’

12. Navigate back to your new "Home V2" page or reopen it by going to Pages and click ‘Edit with Elementor’ of the "Home V2" page

13. On the new "home V2" page right-click on the ‘Drag widget here’ section and select ‘Paste’. This will paste the header section that you copied from the existing GreyboxPro "home" page onto your new "home V2" page

14. Then at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen click the ‘UPDATE’ button to save the changes made.

15. Now we need to update the template on your new "home V2" page. On the left-hand bottom of your screen click the settings icon of the page.

16. This opens the ‘General Settings’, click on the ‘Page Layout’ dropdown-list and select ‘Elementor Full Width’ and click ‘UPDATE’ button to save changes made.

17. On the top left-hand side, click the burger menu icon and it will display the option to exit the page.

18. Click ‘EXIT’ to go out of Elementor editing and continue to update and select a page template for "Home V2".

19. At the right-hand side click the ‘Default template’ and select ‘Elementor Full Width’

20. click ‘Update’ to save, click ‘Preview’ to see how your page now look like.

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