Connecting Your Domain to Your Hosting Account

If you’re planning to launch a website, one of the first steps you need to take is registering a domain name.

However, owning a domain name is not enough to make your website accessible online. You must also connect it to a web hosting account that provides server space for your website’s files.

This guide will cover the basics of selecting and registering a domain name. We will also walk you through the process of updating your domain’s DNS records to connect it to your hosting account.

What is a domain?

A domain is a unique identifier for a website on the internet. It is the part of the website address that comes after “www.” For example, in the address “”, “” is the domain.

Having your own domain name gives your website a professional image. It shows that you take your website and your online presence seriously.

It also helps build trust with your audience, as they are more likely to trust a website that has its own domain name.

Having a domain name allows you to own and control your website. It also helps you establish your brand and maintain a long-lasting online presence.

How to Choose and Register a Domain Name?

Choose a domain that’s easy to remember and easy to spell so people can easily find your site.
Create a domain related to the content of your site.

Try to keep your domain as short as possible. Shorter domains are easier to remember and type.

Ensure your desired domain is available by using a domain registrar, a company that sells domain names. Then, register it through a registrar of your choice.

We recommend Webcentral, a reputable registrar that offers reliable and secure domain hosting services.

How to Point Your Domain Name to Your Web Hosting

When you purchase a domain name, you reserve the right to use that specific name as your website address.

However, your domain name alone does not provide any hosting or storage space for your website’s files. This is where web hosting comes in – it provides the server space and resources necessary to store and serve your website’s content.

WP Engine,, and Kinsta are reputable web hosting providers that we recommend.

Pointing your domain to your hosting tells your domain name registrar where your website’s files and data are located. When someone enters your domain name, the request is directed to the correct server, allowing visitors to access your website and view its content.

To point your domain to your hosting, you need to update the domain’s DNS (Domain Name System) records to indicate the IP address of your hosting server. Here are the general steps you can follow:

Log in to your domain name registrar’s website. Then, go to the DNS management section for the domain you want to point to your hosting.

Look for the option to add or edit DNS records. Add or edit the “A” record, which specifies the server’s IP address where your website is hosted.

In the “A” record section, enter the IP address of your hosting server. You may need to contact your hosting provider to obtain this information.

Save the changes to your DNS records.

Wait for the changes to propagate through the DNS system. This may take several hours to up to 48 hours.

Once the changes have propagated, your domain should be pointing to your hosting. Visitors should be able to access your website by entering your domain name in their web browser.

The specific steps and options for updating DNS records may vary depending on your domain registrar and hosting provider.