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Freedom From Tech

Finally you are in the drivers seat! Build your own impressive website, no developer required. Create anything from a simple one-pager, to a complex ecommerce site. 

Quick to Build

With GreyboxPro, you can create a website in hours, not days. It’s the complete website building framework, with everything you need to get your site up and running fast.

No Wireframes Required​

Build a website quickly and refine as you go. With GreyboxPro, you can create a clickable site that reflects your unique brand and personality in 3 easy steps. No wireframes required!

Mobile Responsive

With responsive built in, you can start creating beautiful websites that look great on any device right away. Plus, GreyboxPro comes with a full demo kit. 

Global Controls

Our global style editor gives you the power to setup your brand, logo, colors, fonts and more and make them consistent across your entire website.

Simple & Straightforward​

Hundreds of components, pages, templates and elements are ready to go. Simply cut and paste onto pages. Finally an easy way to make a website without relying on IT.

Simply Practical

Build Your Website In Record Time

GreyboxPro is an innovative website builder so you can create a professional, secure and scalable website fast – no developer required.

Powered by WordPress & Elementor, GreyboxPro gives you a quick and simple way to build website designs and website page layouts, all tested for mobile, tablet and desktop. 

Build forms, landing pages, mega menus and more with simple pre-built components, website templates and hundreds of styles to choose from our global style engine.

Create a clickable website in 3 simple steps, without needing a developer or IT department. And with GreyboxPro there’s endless website ideas and integrations possible, we’ll grow with you as you scale your business and your brand.

Image Resizing Made Easy

Automatic image resizing is a truly innovative feature which means you can quickly and easily resize images without the hassle or headache!

Do Lots or Little

You are in control! Once GreyboxPro is setup, you decide if you’d like to use our 100+ elements out-of-the-box,  modify them to suit your needs, or create something totally new.

Simplified for Designers and Small Business. Powered up for Agencies and Big Business

GreyboxPro has been built from the ground up to be easy to setup and simple to use, but that doesn’t mean that what’s under the hood is basic. You can use GreyboxPro on one pagers, small websites, corporate websites and even digital publishing solutions. Whatever your website need, GreyboxPro has been developed to handle it with ease.

You're a Designer

GreyboxPro makes it easy for you to design and build websites for your clients. Diversify your services and bring in new income streams by offering websites to your clients – no developer required. We can help you as much or as little as you like with the setup and installation.

You're an Agency

For marketing, advertising & content agencies GreyboxPro means no more delays in building websites for clients. With fast setup and 100+ pre-built components it is a breeze for content creation. GreyboxPro is the perfect tool for you to streamline your workflow and speed up the delivery of professional websites to your clients.

You're a Business

Having a website is crucial for all businesses but we know the whole process can be overwhelming. GreyboxPro is purposely built to allow you to build a professional website, super fast. If you need a website with WOW, aligned to your brand and engaging to your customers, look no further than GreyboxPro.

The best thing about GreyboxPro is it is really easy to use. I got my clients website up and running in two days and that's with loads of client corrections! They were super happy and I got to do all of the fun designing stuff I always love.

Bevin Neil

Owner & Creative Director, BJN Design

Developed for Peace of Mind


Built to contemporary development best practice standards, GreyboxPro is lean and efficient, using only necessary plugins, ensuring it will keep your website up and running.


With a powerful and secure WordPress core, GreyboxPro – when used in conjunction with security procedures such as strong passwords – has been developed to give you peace of mind.


Quality assured and thoroughly tested for multiple devices GreyboxPro will ensure that your website looks great on mobile, tablet and any device your customers use.


Let GreyboxPro grow with you! The integration possibilities are almost endless. Want to add a shop? Easy. Want to bring on a CRM? Can do. Need more SEO power? For sure!

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a newbie, can I really design my own website?

Let’s be honest here, like anything new you may take a little while to get used to GreyboxPro. But we can honestly say that we’ve had newbies jump in and within a few hours are creating websites, no dramas. GreyboxPro has been built for non-technical users, but also has the power to scale with the addition of integrations as you want or need. We can easily grow with you as your business expands and scales. 

What do I get with GreyboxPro?

With GreyboxPro you get the lightweight and fast GreyboxPro theme with our comprehensive stylesheet as well as the GreyboxPro plugin which controls your site at a granular level.

You also get 100+ components and pre-built pages plus access to updates with more as they are built (we’re building them everyday!).

Will I need to know code to build a website?

The thing that we love the most, and our customers love the most about GreyboxPro is that you can create a website without the need to know any code at all! But, if you would like to extend your website in anyway you can use code to do this or just use other plugins if you don’t know code.

The skys the limit with GreyboxPro. We’ve built massive sites using it. These sites have used WordPress MultiPress with shopping carts and full digital publishing systems. But then we’ve also built smaller, more marketing sites, ones that are simple to setup and work perfectly for our clients and their customers. The flexibility of GreyboxPro makes it incredibly usable for businesses, big and small, no matter what their digital requirements.

Can you help me set this up on my server?

Yes, we sure can. On our pricing page you’ll see we have various options for setup depending on how much setup you would like us to do. 

We’re used to working with clients. We have done for the past 20+ years in our digital agency. We have a strong support process and are known for our quality and attention to detail. If you you would like help just select one of the plans that include support on the pricing page.

Can you set it up for me and then I take over?

You’ll see on our pricing page that our plans are tiered. You can ask for as little or as much support as you like. We can also customize this for you if you need a more custom solution. 

All of our plans that have setup in them give you the ability to then take over the creation and maintenance of your website.

Do I need anything extra to setup my website?

In our Small Business plans we include all of the other plugins that provide functionality as part of your subscription arrangement with us.

In lower plans, you’ll need to get these plugins. These include: Elementor Pro, PowerPack Addons, and Gravity Forms.

Please note that PowerPack Addons is only used for some components so it is ok not to purchase this plugin.

Also note that if you don’t have forms on your site or would like to use the built-in form tool in Elementor then you don’t need to purchase Gravity forms.

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