Build a Professional Modern Website with GreyboxPro.

Create a clickable website in 3 simple steps, without needing a developer!  Powered by WordPress & Elementor, GreyboxPro gives you the cleanest website designs and website page layouts, all fully tested and ready to go. And with GreyboxPro there’s endless website ideas and integrations possible, we’ll grow with you as you scale your business and your brand.


Do it Yourself


Download & install GreyboxPro and get started building your website right now!


USD Per Year
With $0 Setup

Do it Yourself

Essentials Plus+

We’ll install GreyboxPro & customise with your logo & brand colours 


USD Per Year
With $299 Setup

SETUP for You

Small Business

Your website setup, ready for you to add your text and images.


USD Per Year
With $2,900 Setup

SETUP for You

Small Business Pro+

Your website, good to go with all content entered.


USD Per Year
With $6,790 Setup

I now use GreyboxPro for all my client websites. I used to have to outsource to developers but now I can pretty much do everything myself. It's been a game changer for my design business and my clients love the control and fast turnaround.

Jamie Anderson

User Experience Designer

The Benefits of GreyboxPro

Powered by WordPress & Elementor, GreyboxPro gives you the cleanest website designs and website page layouts, all tested for mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop.

Take Control Back

Gone are endless delays with IT departments and developers. And say goodbye to themes that seem great but when you get into it are badly designed. GreyboxPro gives control of your website to you, where it belongs.

Design Made Simple

Created by a designer, with max design control in mind. GreyboxPro makes creating beautiful websites simple. You get a kit of granular, smart controls and the awesome power of a visual editor.

Endless Integrations

GreyboxPro is powered by WordPress (used by over 40% of all websites) which means an endless number of integrations are possible. Easily grow your website and scale your brand with our flexible website builder.

Get to Market Quickly

With a simple but powerful global design system and a huge range of pre-built sections, elements, forms and pages, you’ll be launching your website faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Take the power back!

GreyboxPro is the culmination of 20 years of good design and a robust technical framework in one solution, powered by WordPress. GreyboxPro allows you to create a professional, secure, and scalable website fast without a developer and be in total control. You’re in the drivers seat with GreyboxPro.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve changed my mind, can I upgrade my plan?

You sure can. Simply send an email to our support team and they’ll get you sorted!

Can I transfer my GreyboxPro license from one domain to another?

Yes you are able to transfer your GreyboxPro license from one domain to another. First step is to deactivate the license on your current site, you’ll then be able to activate it on your new site.

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept all major credit cards via our payment partner Stripe as well as PayPal.

Do you offer a free trial?

At this time, we don’t offer a free trial. We can however offer you a demo of the product.

What is Elementor? Can I use GreyboxPro without Elementor?

Elementor is a WordPress page builder and the platform we use to build our drag-and-drop theme, elements and components that help you create beautiful websites without any coding skills.

GreyboxPro uses Elementor on WordPress and therefore it cannot be used without Elementor. The combination of GreyboxPro with Elementor and WordPress creates an ecosystem that allows our users to get the full power of the features Elementor offers but with the added advantage of global, granular and easy to use settings as well as a tonne of pre-built elements.

What kind of support does GreyboxPro offer?

We provide customer support via email for all of our plans. Our xxxx plan includes a customer success manager.

We also offer paid premium support where we can help you manage and maintain your website. Contact our support team leader, Tracey and she can get you started on a plan to suit your needs.

Is hosting part of GreyboxPro?

We don’t include hosting as part of our service. We instead rely on hosting services that we’ve worked with over the last 20+ years we have been in business. For quality, business grade hosting, we use and recommend:

Do I need to be technical to create a GreyboxPro website?

The power of GreyboxPro is that it wraps the WordPress content management system and the Elementor wysiwyg editor in a framework which delivers easy to use tools to build websites quickly.

You don’t need to be a technical person as the whole philosophy behind GreyboxPro is to allow our customers to build websites for themselves.

Terms and conditions

“GreyboxPro setup on your hosting account” – you will setup your host account on a managed service like WPEngine, Kinsta or Rocket, you’ll then give access to this account to [email protected] and we will setup GreyboxPro. Please note that sites that use CPanel will incur further costs. Contact us for more information.

“Your navigation applied for you” – this includes up to 20 pages on the small business plan and up to 40 pages on the small business+ plan. You will need to supply a sitemap.

Licenses for Elementor Pro, PowerPack Addons, Gravity Forms, and Stratum Mega Menu will need to be purchased by the customer for Do it Yourself Essentials and Do it Yourself Essentials Plus+.

Any licensed software we are supplying will only be supplied as long as the subscription to GreyboxPro is active and renewed. The license terms of each supplier apply.

“Your content entered onto your website” – you will be supplied with a content template where you will add all of your site content. You must supply this document fully edited and final. We will then enter the content based on this document. Please contact us if you would like us to write the content for you.
Please see our full website terms and conditions.