Creating an About Us page using a pre-built page

1. Follow steps on How to use pre-built pages

2. In the Elementor Editor, you can replace the image in the About Us Page by clicking on the image to reveal the customization options in the left side panel.

3. Click on the image under ‘Choose Image’ in the side panel. This will open the WordPress Media Library. Select an image from the library or upload a new one. Click ‘UPDATE’ in the lower left corner to save the changes. You can also edit the headings, titles and other components by clicking on them and using the options available in the Elementor side panel.

4. You can also create an About Us page from scratch by following the steps below.

To Add a New Page, follow the steps here How to Add New Page

To Edit/Copy a Page, follow the steps here How to edit/copy page or pre-built page

You can use other pre-built components, such as the Teams, Testimonial, and CTA from the pre-built About Us page.

5. On the bottom left-hand click ‘Preview’ (eye icon) to view your page.