Made By Designers & Developers For Real People To Use

Creating websites shouldn’t be a chore or only for those with technical skills. Websites should be able to be built by the people who know and understand the people using them. That’s why we built GreyboxPro. It’s time to give the power back to the people.

A 20+ Year Legacy

5000+ Website Projects Later...

Having started in the industry when the squark of a dial up modem was common place, our founder Raels Robertson has always been passionate about making the web accessible to everyone. In early 2000 Raels founded her first digital agency, Mettro and went on to create award-winning websites, apps and online platforms of all shapes and sizes for happy clients all over Australia. 

In 2001 Mettro built their first proprietary Content Management System (CMS). After the success of that CMS Raels and the team moved onto the WordPress platform and then Elementor. After years using and honing these platforms for customer websites, Raels wanted more and so GreyboxPro was born in 2019. 

From the get-go, Raels has the idea that GreyboxPro should be a tool that anyone could use but the end result would be anything but ordinary. She wanted to make it easy for someone to create a website that had the end customer in mind and wasn’t bogged down in technical mumbo jumbo.

GreyboxPro removes the technical barriers so that designers, businesses and agencies can easily create a professional website without needing a developer.

Content is King

We've designed 100+ pre-built components and a bunch of pages in GreyboxPro, so content creation is a breeze.

Make it Real

We want GreyboxPro to be your secret to success. Made by real people for real people so you can create a website that does it's job.

Keep it Simple

Building a website is too often overly complex. With GreyboxPro's simple toolkit, you can easily create a website in days, not months.

Bring the Fun

GreyboxPro makes it fun to create your website, not an onerous job plagued by unnecessary technical detail and hard-to-use editing tools.

Our Mission

For too long, businesses have been hamstrung by the process of creating and updating their own websites.

For too long, anything online has seemed like a dark art and way more complex than it needs to be.

For too long, website projects have been sidetracked by what the code can do, instead of being focussed on what customers need.

Our mission in building GreyboxPro is that we want designers, business owners and anyone with the desire to build a website to be able to create one – without the need for a developer. And not just any website but a professional, fast and functional site that looks beautiful.

We want you back in the drivers seat! We want you to control your own website and easily create a marketing and sales engine that speaks to your customers. At GreyboxPro our goal is to help businesses have the power to make decisions and take action without being hamstrung by tech.

Why GreyboxPro

Our work over the past 20+ years has spanned projects large and small. Most though large enough to require major wireframing and information architecture sessions. So much so it got tiring to be doing constant ‘thinking work’ before the actual work began that we knew there was a better way.

For us, building GreyboxPro the way we have means we can build our base platform, our information architecture as we build websites. GreyboxPro is all about getting rid of the grey boxes of a wireframe and start creating and progressively enhancing websites as we build them.


Raels Robertson

Raels founded Mettro in 2001 with the desire to work on good projects, with good people, for good people. Her motto has always been never one without the other – meaning that design, technology and communication all have to work together. Raels is a qualified designer and self-taught technical nerd who loves getting her hands dirty building and enhacing GreyboxPro.


Gillian Moody

Gill is a marketing savant and brand strategist with over 20 years of experience in above and below the line marketing, digital strategy and creative direction. She is an exceptional people person who loves to collaborate with clients every step of the way to achieve the best possible outcome. She loves sharing GreyboxPro with the world so as many businesses as possible can take back control of their websites.

Head of Support

Tracey Pollack

Tracey is a true customer service professional with an eye for detail and a passion for ensuring projects are completed on time and on budget. She manages our support operations like a boss, and makes sure the team are in the right place at the right time. Delivering quality support is her mantra and creating systems and processes that streamline that support delivery is something she is continually honing.

What Our Customers Say

We’ve had a tonne of great things written about us thanks to 20+ years working with some amazing clients. These are just a few of our favourites.


In a fiercely competitive market, Mettro continues to keep our brand at the top of our customers shopping list. Not an easy feat by any imagination, as our customers’ demands for information and how they receive it change daily. Mettro’s unparalleled enthusiasm to be at the forefront of technology, combined with our absolute trust in them to go along for the ride, means our brand is increasingly recognised as a benchmark in relevant customer engagement and lead generation practices. We expect our brand to push boundaries and remain at the cutting edge of retail, and Mettro is integral to us having the confidence to take the calculated risks to achieve it. I highly recommend Mettro.

David Meyer

CEO, Carpet One Australasia

WE LOVE YOU, METTRO! You listened to what we needed, and came back with ideas that were so innovative and exciting, they went far beyond what we even realised was possible. And what you delivered went above and beyond yet again, with a beautiful interface that was user friendly and that made our teachers’ jobs so much easier.

We really have loved working with you, and looking forward to a long and happy working relationship as we take our next steps in the online environment, as well as developing ebooks down the track.

Amy Stoneham

Marketing Manager, Primary Connections

Mettro for me are perhaps the best creative problem solving agency I have worked with. With technical problems that is what you need – 1 per cent inspiration and 99 per cent perspiration. Whatever the problem is, they will solve it. Other agencies I have worked with, if it gets too hard they will say ‘we will have it done but we need X from you’. With Mettro, they really are very good at finding solutions to difficult problems, that’s absolute gold for our company.

Jil McGuire

Director Digital Products, Wiley Publishing

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