Everything You Need to Build a Professional Modern Website

Create a clickable website in 3 simple steps, without needing a developer. Powered by WordPress & Elementor, GreyboxPro gives you the cleanest website designs and website page layouts, all fully tested and ready to go. And with GreyboxPro there’s endless website ideas and integrations possible, we’ll grow with you as you scale your business and your brand.








  • Global Style Editor

    Our global style editor gives you the power to setup your brand, logo, colors, fonts and more and make them consistent across your entire website.
  • Ready to Go Components

    GreyboxPro has hundreds of pre-built components, ready to go. This means you’ll be able to create a website in no time, without having to do any coding.
  • Easily Adjustable Layouts

    With advanced controls for sections and columns, you’ll be able to customize your page layouts to fit your design and brand requirements.
  • Drag & Drop Editing

    With the easy-to-use Elementor website builder, you can drag & drop components onto a page and then view the page realtime as you build.
  • Thousands of Custom Fonts

    Simple integration with Google and Adobe Fonts gives you access to thousands of fonts to help you build your on-brand website.
  • Customizable Forms

    It’s easy to add forms in WordPress but GreyboxPro takes it one step further by providing full customization of the look and feel of your forms.

Build Professional, Secure and Scalable Websites Fast. No Developer Required.

With GreyboxPro, you can build anything from a simple one-page website to a complex ecommerce site. You don’t need to be a developer or designer to make beautiful, engaging websites with GreyboxPro.

Realtime Responsive Editing

With realtime preview, you’ll be able to see your website take shape as you build it. We take the hassle our of responsive website development by giving you 100+ fully responsive elements. And everything has been tested for you across multiple devices so you can have peace of mind that your website is mobile-friendly.

100+ Components

Choose from over one hundred widgets to help you build your website. From standard type layouts to grids to display your blog posts through to custom forms, carousels, timelines and galleries, we have you covered. If we don’t have you covered you can easily and quickly build new components perfectly suited to your content.

Powered by WordPress & Elementor

GreyboxPro is the website builder for people who want to take back control of their websites, without the need to involve developers and IT specialists. Powered by WordPress & Elementor, GreyboxPro gives you the cleanest website designs and and an endless number of possible integrations. Easily grow your website and scale your brand with this fast, flexible website framework.

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Video Made Simple

Easily and quickly upload your corporate and stock videos to create dynamic pages that showcase your products and brand. You can also build dramatic full page banners with background videos to ensure your website and business stays front of mind and you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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Why GreyboxPro?

Say Goodbye to Wireframing

Sick of doing wireframes that seem to do nothing but add more rounds of approvals? Fed up with paying for subscriptions for wireframe & prototyping applications? Us too! This is why we created GreyboxPro to give you the tools to create a fully clickable website – not a wireframe, not even a prototype – in record time. Go from a high level concept to a clickable website in a few simple steps. No more time delays or frustrations when your wireframes are interpreted incorrectly, GreyboxPro lets you quickly create something you can show your client or your team leaders. Keep building your website from there, layering functionality as you go.

We give you the grey box, you add the color!

GreyboxPro allows you to build a fully interactive website from the get-go. We’re putting you back in the drivers seat. If you would like to add branding and colors and design elements first, then go for it. If you want to write content as you go, we’re not going to stop you! If you’d like to be more traditional and play with the layout and link up the navigation first then we’ll make that easy for you. Create professional websites your way with GreyboxPro.

Streamline Your Workflow

Streamline your workflow with our easy to use global settings. Update your brand identity in one place and apply across your site, making it so much quicker for you to create a beautiful, content-ready design in minutes.

Global Brand & Design Settings

Set your own design standards according to your brand identity. Apply these globally to pages and elements.

Section and Column Wysiwyg Adjustment

Adjust the width of your sections to give your site a unique look. Adjust heights, padding, and margins.

Automatic Image Resizing

Automatic image resizing is a truly innovative feature which lets you resize images without any hassle or headache.

Copy and Paste Pre-Built Components

With a global design system and pre-built sections, elements, forms and pages you’ll be launching your website faster than you every dreamed possible.

Enhance Your Site Functionality

GreyboxPro is powered by WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems in the world. WordPress integrates with a wide range of other applications and services like Google Analytics, MailChimp, WooCommerce and many plugins to extend functionality. With GreyboxPro there’s endless website ideas and integrations possible, we’ll grow with you as you scale your business and your brand.

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Created With Customer Experience In Mind & Business At Heart

Forget about all the fancy add-ons and plugins that do little for your customers and make your website slow and clunky. GreyboxPro has been developed so you can quickly and easily build an impressive professional website without the need for a developer. We want your website to deliver on the things that are important to you and your business, things like retaining customers, getting sales and growing your market.

GreyboxPro has been thoroughly tested and works across all screens (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop etc) so you can relax and know your website is mobile-friendly. 

Our pre-built pages and components means you can create dynamic sales and campaign landing pages in minutes. 

And with the GreyboxPro advanced type, layout and design features, you can be creative without the hassle of writing code or getting a developer to help.

Granular Typography Control

Control in detail over 40 type styles using global design controls.

Global Colour Palettes

Easy-to-use global style palettes keeps your brand on brand.

Typography Preview Page

Change your type styles and then preview on the styles page.

Pre-Built Pages

15+ pre-built pages (and growing all the time), ready for content.

Drag-and-Drop Elements Library

With the power of Elementor Pro you’ll have hundreds of drag-and-drop components to add functionality to your website. And with GreyboxPro you’ll have pre-built styles ready to go.
Sections & Columns
Headings & Text Blocks
Buttons & Links
Icon List
Image Comparison
Call to Action

Images, Media & Icons Made Easy

Did you know one of the top reasons for a slow website is too-big images? Getting the right image size for your website so that your site is speedy and looks good can be tough. GreyboxPro takes the guesswork out with a set of standard sizes and image resizing automation. Combine this with a library of icons powered by Font Awesome and you have all you need to create the most visually attractive and dynamic website for your business.

Automated Image Resizing

Simple image manipulation and automated image resizing.

1500+ Icon Library

Addition of Font Awesome icon library on Setup For You plans.


Pre-built templates to put videos in the background or foreground of your site.

Carousels, Galleries & Banners

Pre-built image carousels, galleries & banners, ready to use. Just add an image.

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Make Beautiful Websites

With GreyboxPro, you can build anything from a simple website to a complex e-commerce site. You don’t need to be a developer or designer to make beautiful websites with GreyboxPro.