Using Pre-Built Image Galleries Components

1. Login to your website WP admin dashboard, fore example,

2. Click on ‘Pages’ in the menu at the left-hand side.

3. Once in the Pages window, type the word “Image” on the textbox field at the right-hand side of your screen, and click the ‘Search Pages’ button.

4. You will see the “Image Galleries” page appear in the list. Under the “Image Galleries” page, right-click ‘Edit with Elementor’ and select ‘open link in new tab’.

5. Scroll down to see the pre-built image galleries. Right-click the one you like and select ‘Copy’.

6. Switch to the Pages tab and open the page where you want the pre-built image gallery in Elementor. Paste the copied pre-built component on the canvas.

7. Hover over the gallery and click the edit icon that appears to access edit options in the left panel.

8. Here you can change and add photos to your gallery, edit captions, and more.

9. On the bottom left-hand corner of your screen click the ‘UPDATE’ button to save the changes made.